We are under construction

But HAPPY to say Our


STORE will be set up SOON!

What can you expect to find here? Bloomin' Gulch is a virtual village. It shares spirit with many folks in many places, but isn't limited to any set of geographical co-ordinates...WE will be providing links to places we like, movies we consider the cat's meow, songs that we share, and often begin singing along with the moment we first hear them. You will be able to purchase hats, bumperstickers, tee-shirts, hoodies, long sleeve shirts in the athletic style, and - soon enough - post cards...Pictures suitable for framing.

Have You Got Troubles?

Who Doesn't?

These are troublesome times!

BLOOMIN' GULCH will present a forum/board where folks can share their thoughts, reviews of music, both live and recorded, recommend hiking/camping places, and generally hang out

in a



So, come back

watch us grow...together


The owner of bloomingulch.net & bloomingulch.com
are one and the same
bloomingulch.net had to be dismantled recently. Many of its features will
will re-appear here, ASAP. The merchandise store, with hats, decals, bumperstickers and branded apparel, will reside at www.bloomingulch.com